Pay as You Go Web Development

Up to 40 hours a week to get your jobs done. No jobs are too big or too small. Letterheads to geolocation apps you will have a full-service Web Development and Marketing professional at your disposal.

Fair pricing. The biggest of projects can be broken down into small steps to make progress toward the finish line. Contact me below.

Get Support With a Trial

We’ll start off with 10 hours of a(n); Edmonds College Technical Support Level web design, web marketing, and web development from me: to use for your business needs. I have plenty of ideas and tools if you need them. But once your project is done, cancel services (and think of me when your next project pops up).

A Technical Virtual Assistant

Save time and money while getting your job done. Big or small, any job can be done and you’re the boss. Get coached through phantom 404 errors or building the next great mobile application. We start off with only 10 hours a month. That’s around 2 and a half hours a week dedicated to your projects.

Jobs that Can be Assigned

More examples include, but are not limited to; a one page website, PPC advertising, social marketing, logo creation, branding, social design, video editing, animation, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, analytics integration, hosting, database, press releases, javascript, plugin creation, project scoping, web scraping, newsletters, capture pages, and more.

Even More Examples

Photography, product descriptions, banner creation, 3-D modeling, lead generation, mentoring, viral marketing, minimum viable products, wireframing, t-shirt design, e-commerce website, mock-ups, SSL certificates, screen sharing tutorials, and youtube marketing.

At any time, if you feel you are not getting your money worth cancel your service and owe nothing. This will guarantee that you are always are in control of your spending. If you want to speed things up you can increase the number of hours dedicated to your project.

No Contract, Cancel at Anytime

Questions are always free. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about anything below.